Antenatal mothers and COVID-19 pandemic; a KAP study


  • Chithuru Vishnu Priya NTR University of health sciences
  • Phanindra Dulipala
  • Dara Jagannath Rao



COVID-19 pandemic, Antenatal mothers, pregnancy, Antenatal visit


INTRODUCTION – Pregnancy is a significant experience in a woman's life. Pregnancy during a pandemic leads to additional concern and anxiety to both mother and caregiver. Hence, it is essential to evaluate, assess and increase level of COVID awareness in pregnant women to provide better care and overall a safe experience throughout pregnancy.

OBJECTIVE - To assess knowledge, attitude, and practices towards COVID-19 in pregnant women.

METHODOLOGY – A total of 100 antenatal women were interviewed for the study. Self-designed, semi-structured questionnaire was provided to pregnant women to know their level of awareness and attitude towards COVID, and their safe practices for COVID prevention. The results from their responses were analysed for descriptive statistics.

RESULTS – 95% had good knowledge about symptoms, 44% opined that virus may get transmitted from mother to baby during pregnancy, 52% don’t know about asymptomatic carriers, 100% thought that by following all the guidelines given by the health authorities may prevent spread of disease and early detection will have good outcomes. 100% were following good practices such as wearing a mask, hand sanitization and social distancing.

CONCLUSION – The study shows that the population has good knowledge, positive attitude and follow good practices. Inclusion of COVID counselling by the attending doctor during antenatal care visits may help in relieving fear and anxiety about transmission of the virus from mother to baby.



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Vishnu Priya, C., Dulipala, P., & Rao, D. J. (2023). Antenatal mothers and COVID-19 pandemic; a KAP study. National Journal of Research in Community Medicine, 10(4).



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